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Michael Rapaprot Disses Kim Kardashian; Kanye West Snaps Back w/ A Vengeance

Michael Rapaport wasn’t very happy with Kim Kardashian-West and Taylor Swift’s recent public exchange of words during the ongoing Coronavirus “pandemic” and hence took to social media to express his disdain. Rapaport, seemingly upset, addressed Kardashian with “KK, Coco whatever the f*ck they call you. Nobody cares, okay. Nobody gives a f*ck about this bullsh*t with you and Taylor Swift or f*ckin cooky Kanye and Taylor f*cking Swift. If he [Kanye] never ran up there and took the [VMA’s Best Female Video ] award from Swifty we’d still wouldn’t be talking about it…” Rapaport goes on to suggest that Kim K. is only talking about the matter for shock value purposes because a new show set to “premiere Thursday.”

Kanye West wasn’t happy at all and addressed Rapaport immediately: “First of all Michael Rapaport why you putting your nose, your nosey ass nose in my business and talking about my wife fam? I’ve told you several times don’t talk about my wife ni**a. This is a woman on woman problem. Kim is talking to Taylor. So where the hell do you come from on your Disruptive Podcast and all on The Shade Room and all on your Instagram talkin’ sh*t fam about me and what I did and what I snatched from Taylor Swift? And what I won’t snatch from another ni**a! Check this out fam I’ll snatch an award from you ni**a. Oh, let’s not forget you’ve never won one Michael Rapaport, for your movies. So I can’t snatch nothing from you fam. All you do is run your mouth talking sh*t ni**a. Don’t forget who the god is-Kanye West. Jesus will forever walk ni**a.”

Catch the full back and forth below. Hopefully Kanye, Rapaport, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift and set aside their differences as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to impact us all with illness and self-quarantining. In case you missed why the lingering beef continues between Kim K, Kanye and Taylor Swift see here and here.

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Source: IG/ @MichaelRapaport

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