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Kanye West Tells Joe Rogan That He Intends To Buy Universal Music

Kanye West told Joe Rogan that he doesn’t simply intend on buying his Master’s from Universal Music Group. Rather, he has his sight set on eventually buying out the entire company itself. Ye stated on the music industry, “It’s not a safe place. It’s a treacherous place…At this point music loses me money. Of my $5 billion net worth, music is negative $4 million.” He then turned his attention to Universal Music Group (UMG), stating, “I was thinking about buying my masters but I realized that’s too small of a thought. I’m gonna buy Universal. They’re only a $33 billion organization.” 

Kanye has been offering much public criticism of the music industry lately. Last month, he tweeted the following,

“When you sign a music deal you sign away your rights. Without the masters you can’t do anything with your own music. Someone else controls where it’s played and when it’s played. Artists have nothing accept the fame, touring and merch.”


During his nearly 3-hour long interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, Ye emphasized, “When I talk, it’s not a rant. I just tell the truth, and telling the truth is crazy in a world full of lies,” 

The interview delves into Ye’s mental health, politics, the music industry, and much more. As far as buying a company that’s “only” valued at “$33 billion” one should remember that Ye’s close friend, Elon Musk, has a reported net worth of $90 billion. Find the entire interview up top.

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