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Rihanna Clowns Kevin Durant Over Coronavirus Status While Both on IG Live




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Rihanna was recently in DJ Spade’s IG Live stream where others like Drake and Kevin Durant appeared also. While the Live stream was in motion, Rihanna and KD exchanged some playful comments with each other, which led to RiRi cracking jokes about Durant and his COVID-19 positive status.

Durant was diagnosed with Coronavirus and has been in quarantine since. Rihanna started off by stating, “Is KD allowed in here, should I wear a mask to this live?” After wishing Durant well wishes, Rihanna shot back with another jab, saying “Back with may mask! @easymoneysniper [Kevin Durant] wya?”

Durant responded by stating, “Yo Robyn didn’t u just come from Europe?” Rihanna shot back by saying “Nah easy money slut! Been in your dump a** cuntry last 2 months.” Follow that convo in the screenshot up top.

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