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Corrupt NYPD Officer Wants To Sue 50 Cent For Defamation After 50 Accused Cop of Domestic Violence

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to deal with a corrupt police officer who perceives himself to be above the law, then you’d know such cops take more seriously their own egos and power trips than they do their honorable duty to the public to “protect & serve.” Unfortunately, this appears to be the case with a now-demoted NYPD former Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez who once instructed his subordinates to “shoot [50 Cent] on site…” Gonzalez was demoted to basically amounts to an auxiliary officer with the NYPD while facing departmental charges for compelling the owner of Love & Lust, a now-closed bikini bar, to send a generator and supplies to a location that Gonzalez had links to.

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On 3/23 50 shared the following IG post,

“🤭i guess his wife never called 911, i’m sure that deposition would go great on public record.😏knock ya self out”

In the comments, 50 added, “Tell him i said ask Tara mari how this go’s LOL”

The NY Post is now reporting that a confidant close to demoted officer Gonzalez states the officer vehemently denies the accusation and is now thinking about taking legal action against 50 Cent.

“This incident that 50 is claiming on Instagram is a complete fabrication. There hasn’t been any domestic violence incidents with Gonzalez and his wife recently nor ever. This is a complete troll hit job from 50.”

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Source: www.nypost.com

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