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Jim Jones: Being A Rapper Is More Dangerous Than Going To War In Iraq

One can’t help but wonder how rappers who are successful enough to travel and do shows, in this age of social media, must feel after the tragic murder of Pop Smoke? The truth is, the smallest mistake can literally cost a rapper his or life. In the case of Pop Smoke the Brooklyn rapper happened to naively allow the address where he was staying at to be posted to social media.

On his Instagram page, the Dipset member posted,

Jim Jones, appearing to be noticeably emotional during an interview today with Rap Radar, states that,

“To be a rap artist is the most dangerous job in the world” After being probed by the podcast hosts as to why he feels that way, Jim Jones responded with,

“Why I say that? It’s more dangerous than going to war in Iraq. Because you’re always on defense. You don’t know who’s who. People can get right up on you and try to do something to you. You’re always getting into beef. How many time you hear about rappers tour busses getting shot up this week?”

Catch the clip below.

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