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T.I. Strongly Insists To Give Ice Cube “Benefit of His Rep” After Being Sought Out By Trump Campaign


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Ice Cube recently took to CNN (find that clip up top) to casually respond to the harsh backlash he’s faced after the Trump campaign reached out to business titan. President Trump’s team sought input from Ice Cube regarding Cube’s ‘Contract With Black America.’ The document contains an outline for how the United States must address everything from police reform to banking practices within the Black community. Cube said he reached out to both Democratic Presidential nominees Joe Biden and Trump’s camps however it was the Trump campaign who was eager to sitting down and looking over the document.  Cube states the Biden camp will only look over the document after the Nov. 3 elections.

T.I. has given his thoughts on the heavy criticism Ice Cube has received seemingly coming to the defense of Ice Cube saying people should give Cube the benefit of his reputation in the matter.

During an interview on Los Angeles-based radio station Power 106, Tip states, “What you have to do is give Cube the benefit of his reputation. If we ain’t never known or seen or caught Cube on no bullsh*t, doing no tap dancing or bending over backwards for a white supremacist, why you think he just gon’ start right now?” T.I. drove his point home by saying, give Ice Cube the credit of his credibility.

Watch Tip make his points below. We’ve also included below that the video of President Trump presenting the ‘Platinum Plan’ where Trump states it will be a “contract with Black-Americans.”



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