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Snitch In Ar_Ab’s Federal Case Revealed

On 11/5/2019, Philadelphia-bred rapper Ar_Ab (legal name: Abdul Ibrahim West) and his eight co-defendants (Jamaal Blanding, Jameel Hickson, Richard Chase Hoover, Dontez Stewart, Amir Boyer, Daryl Baker, Hans Gadson & Dennis Harmon) all appeared in court. The government moved forward with conspiracy charges and would eventually tie Ar-Ab to the murder of a man named Robert Johnson. The government admitted as evidence for its case over 100 social media posts, including lyrics used by Ar_Ab.

My Religion Is Rap reported on that same day, “The Government avers that the reference in the lyrics to the murder of Robert Johnson, allegedly committed by Stewart at the behest of West, is as follows: ‘I’ll have da whole city scared stand near homie I call Tez [Dontez Stewart’s nickname] and tell him bring dat ni**a head to me.’

The government-witness turned out to be Dontez Stewart. Although Stewart was rumored to be the snitch in the case involving Ab on the streets of Philadelphia that information is now public and confirmed via court documents. Also, on 11/29/2019, we reported that OBH rapper Dark Lo (legal name: Charles Salley) was arrested in connection with a Witness Intimidation charge. Dark Lo was reportedly arrested for intimidating the witness involved in Ar_Ab’s case during the trial. Again, now we have official documents indicating who the government’s witness was.

Find screenshots of the court documents of Dontez Stewart agreeing to snitch on his co-defendents below. Anyone who wants to read the entire court transcript can find it here.

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