Popular Dancehall Dancer ‘Bumpa’ Dead After Attempting Dangerous Move

It’s with a heavy heart we report on the sudden death of popular dancehall performer Roxanne “Bumpa” Evans following an attempt to pull off what turned out to be a fatal dance move. In dancehall, dancers often use stunts to captivate their audiences. The video shows the popular dancer non-responsive and lying face down as a shocked audience tried to revive her.

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Dancehall choreographer Stacy Xpressionz explained to the Jamaica Observer,

“I’ve seen other dancers attempt it and land on their hands, back and head and seriously injure themselves. As you know, one dancer would go on their head and the other one would ‘chuck tru’ their legs and land. But what some people try to do is flick (flip) instead ’cause it’s easier. The thing is, it looks easy, but when you’re about to attempt it, you will see that it’s not really easy. You need to know the right techniques and you need a lot of space before you jump. The truth is, me and Shelly (Callum, the other co-creator) have never seen anybody execute the move properly.”


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Ideally, the tragic passing of Bumpa can encourage other people in the growing field of twerk dancing to avoid such moves. WARNING: The video below is very graphic. Rest in peace Roxanne “Bumpa” Evans.

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