KODAK BLACK Donates Books And More To Hundreds of Florida Children

Kodak Black (legal name: Bill Kapri) continues to dish out charity, even from behind the great steel gate. Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, explained to TMZ that his client is supplying 625 reading comprehension books to just as many school children in Broward County (the same county Kodak grew up in) in order to help offset the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The imprisoned rapper, who’s currently serving a 46-year prison federal sentence, also intends on donating additional school supplies and notebooks for the students with the aim of assisting children in grades 1-5 meet State of Florida standards in reading notwithstanding the new educational challenges with the current living conditions.

The following post was put up earlier by Kodak’s lawyer.

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“Even when he knows it wont help his situation, he still gives not because of an ulterior motive, but because that’s what he does. How many rappers that have been locked up help out from the box? @kodakblack #kodakblack #giveback #helpthecommunity”

Source: www.tmz.com

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