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Gabrielle Union: Allies Show Up [In Support Of The LGBTQ+ Community]

Dwyane Wade joined his wife Gabrielle Union and 12-year-old child, who recently came out as trans and underwent a name change from Zion to Zaya, at the 2020 Truth Awards. Wade and Union were there for their child’s first red carpet award show since Dwyane Wade announced his child’s the announcement.

The family was interviewed by Where is the Buzz TV while situated on the red carpet during which Wade’s child was asked how how it felt to come out as trans, responding, “I just feel like people should be able to live their lives to the fullest. And, I think that means knowing who you are, truly, and being able to show other people who you are. That’s just what it’s all about.

Several high profile celebrities, including Boosie, came out in protest of Wade’s announcement regarding his child begging Wade to not “cut your son’s d*ck off.” Lord Jamar agreed with Boosie’s statement during a recent VladTV interview while stating that one must be a certain age to purchase cigarettes, alcohol and to vote while further suggesting that one should also be a certain age in order to choose whether or not they were interested in a sex change (see that interview here).

Catch the video below of the Wade family proclaiming the importance of “allies to show up and support brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ+ community.” To which Dwayne Wade talks about the importance of taking control of “the narrative.”

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