8-Year-Old Ugandan Rapper ‘Fresh Kid’ Blowing Up on YouTube Raps About Poverty and Struggle

An eight-year-old rapper who goes by the rap name ‘Fresh Kid’ has become a household name in his native country of Uganda. Fresh Kid has hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube. On the track Bambi, the 8-year-old raps,

“Don’t send me back to the village where there’s no help, I remember a time when money was scarce, Getting fees and food was so difficult…Bambi”

The word “bambi” means “please” in the Luganda language and the corresponding video has been viewed more than 200,000 on YouTube.

Fresh Kid grew up in Luwero, a coffee-growing area 37 miles north of the country’s capital Kampala.

Catch Fresh Kid’s ‘Bambi’ & ‘Banteeka’ videos below.

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