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M03 Was Reportedly Being Followed & Chased in Vehicle Before Death


Mo3 was reportedly involved in a car chase before he being shot and killed in Dallas on I-35. The chase allegedly started after the deceased Texas-bred rapper left a woman’s home. The woman was reportedly a friend to Mo3.  TMZ reports that Mo3 left the woman’s home and realized he was being followed upon entering his vehicle and making his way to a nearby service station. At which point Mo3 allegedly began to speed off leading to the car chase which eventually led to a crash on the side of the road and the rapper ultimately being shot by a gunman.  Police have yet to identify a suspect in the case or make any arrests.

We’ll have more on this matter when the details become available. Rest In Peace to the deceased. Find a Dallas police spokesman detailing certain aspects of the ordeal up top.

Source: www.tmz.com

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