Kodak Black Freestyles From Jail About ‘Kids In China That Been Eating Bats For A Snack’ And More



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Kodak Black’s freestyle from prison went something as follows:

“This for the little kids in Africa, stomachs touching they back/ And the kids in China been eating bats for a snack / They need to be wiser and I ain’t talking Bill/ Cause Corona got the whole world in fear/ I wonder what’s gonna be the excuse when the world ending/ And I’m just hoping when it do I ain’t in prison/ Wearing another niggas boxers, my d*ck itching/ And my lady ain’t been writing me she miss me, yeah!/ I ain’t gon’ lie, I be feeling like crying/ And f*ckin’ beefing with my cellie ’cause he sh*tting all the time/ I’m tryna stay updated wit this Hip-Hop sh*t/ And my son don’t answer the phone, he on his Tik Tok sh*t/ And COVID-19 ain’t got nothing to do with me ’cause I’m from 1800 block–it ain’t got nothing to do wit me!”

Catch Kodak’s flow up top.

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