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Wu-Tang Clan Will Play Epic Concert With Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Wu-Tang Clan is set to perform with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra next month.

The Saturday, March 21st performance will showcase the renowned Detroit Symphony Orchestra playing a live version of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin score.

The Wu will also perform their debut studio album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

RZA stated in regards to the event,

“This collaboration with the DSO is a great example of the bandwidth that hip-hop has and how its community stretches across the landscape of music…Wu-Tang Clan has always made our music cinematic, and operatic in context of production and lyricism. The opportunity to elevate our sound with the sonic backdrop of an orchestra like the DSO is historic and monumental.”

Jasmin DeForrest, Director of Community Sponsorships at the Quicken Loans Community Fund, states,

“In its nearly-100-year history, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra has been synonymous with innovative and show-stopping performances that bring the community together and celebrate Detroit’s diverse culture,”

Tickets go on sale 2/20. Anyone interested can find tickets on the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s website here.

Anyone who wants an idea of what to expect can watch Humboldt State University’s orchestra playing Variations on a Theme by the Wu-Tang Clan (2016) below:

I – Tiger Style
II – Shaolin Style
III – Wu-Tang Style

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Source: www.wwlp.com

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