Will Hot 97 Ban 6ix9ine’s Music After He’s Released From Prison?

6ix9ine is one of the most polarizing personalities in the music world today. Many people justify his cooperation with the government against his co-defendatns even though they do not know all the facts surrounding the federal trial, fabricate the facts to make 6ix9ine out to be the victim in order to justify his cooperation against his co-defendants or simply don’t care about his decision to “snitch.”

Tekashi reportedly signed a $10 million + contract with 10K Projects recently which compels him to produce two albums, one in English and the other in Spanish. This begs the question as to who would want to be entertained by a known snitch. Clearly, however, browsing through social media platforms one can’t help but realize that the market for 6ix9ine remains strong.

Will Hot 97, New York’s biggest “Hip-Hop” radio station, allow Tekashi’s music to be played on it’s platform? According to TMZ, one of 6ix9ine’s Hot 97 may not play his songs due to possible negative outcomes associated from promoting a snitch’s music unless listeners demand to hear the music. In other words, if the demand is there Hot 97 will play 6ix9ine’s music. TMZ reports:

“An executive from HOT 97 FM tells TMZ … when Tekashi is released from prison and drops new music, the radio station will NOT jump to debut any of the records, and they don’t anticipate playing any of 6ix9ine’s music at all. Fact is, the exec tells us HOT 97 has NEVER been a huge Tekashi69 supporter, and him ratting on former gang members is digging an even bigger hole for himself as far as the radio station is concerned.”

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