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Who Was Pookie Loc (The Man Gucci Mane Was Accused of Murdering in 2005) ?


In 2005, Gucci Mane (legal name: Radric Davis) was accused of killing Pookie Loc (legal name: Henry Lee Clark III). Charges were dropped against Gucci Mane in 2006 due to insufficient evidence.

On 5/10/2005, Gucci was involved in an altercation inside of the home of a female friend. Four men, all dressed in black, reportedly busted their way inside the apartment which led to an exchange of gunfire resulting in Pookie Loc, 27, being killed.  Pookie Loc’s corpse was discovered days later, according to the AJC, in a wooded area outside nearby Columbia Middle School. 9 days later on 5/19/2005, Gucci admitted to firing on the four men but asserted he only did so in self-defense.

What’s left to know about the case:

  • The D.A. handling the murder case stated at the time that charges were dropped, in January 2006, that if sufficient evidence surfaced, the case could be reopened. 

Gucci Mane’s lawyer, Dennis Scheib, told MTV that a witness, who was a condo owner, had come forward. The witness was reportedly tending to some landscaping when he observed several men making their way towards the apartment in what the witness described as “like a robbery or assault.” Again, DeKalb District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming said at the time that the murder case could be reopened “if new information comes to light,”

The following 2006 interview Gucci Mane did for VladTV was conducted shortly after Guwop beat the murder charges.

  • In 2015, Jeezy dropped the tribute track where Pookie Loc’s name is referenced titled, ‘Forgive Me.’
  • In 2012, Guwop performed live in Jeezy’s hometown of Macon, GA. Prior to the concert, a video circulated with a masked man advising Gucci to “stay home.” The man in the video goes on to state, “Don’t come disrespect our city like that. Because you know what you trying to do. Why gamble like that? Why play like that? … You playing with the set. Blatantly trying to disrespect us. … I guess you think this is some sh*t to play with…”

Gucci ended up performing in Macon and disrespected Jeezy and his entourage after rapping the ‘Truth’ diss.

Fortunately, this past week, Jeezy & Gucci Mane put their differences aside after making a historical truce and even spent the evening together. Indeed, one of the most epic moments in Hip-Hop history. Find the video of Guwop & The Snowman squashing their beef up top. Rest in Heaven Pookie Loc.





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