Video Emerges of Man Shooting Firearm Out of Moving Vehichle on El Paso Highway

Unfortunately, the good people of El Paso seemed to be doomed to many realities plaguing their communities. In August 2019 El Paso was struck by a domestic terrorist who entered the city solely for the purpose of killing Americans of Latino ethnicity. Another ongoing issue for the El Paso region is the fact that the city find itself situated on an international drug route. Drugs are smuggled by different cartels from South America to Central America and into Mexico before eventually landing in the world’s largest domestic market for narcotics, the United States of America. El Paso is a border being situated on just across from the cartel-heavy region of Juarez, Mexico. El Paso has a job growth relatively small when compared to the United States as a whole (1.9% versus 3.9%). A lack of solid job opportunities will the youth towards seeking employment in the lucrative, yet illicit, drugs and arms trades.

Video recently emerged of someone driving in El Paso and shooting off rounds while cruising the El Paso Highway. This is the second such video to surface in the past month. The video was shot in Snapchat and uploaded again to IG by fitfameelpaso, who captained the post with the following,

“(No audio.) Absolutely disgusting footage surfaced last night of yet another person firing a weapon out of a moving vehicle on El Paso highways. A multitude of cars can be seen driving past in the opposite lane. This is the second such incident in less than a month. Although this is not a video you’d like to see just days before Christmas, we’re posting it because it’s the reality of El Paso right now, and you MUST be cautious out there, because there are many people who aren’t.”

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Catch the clip below.

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