Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Hit w/ Super Indictment Over Alleged Drug Trafficking in the U.S.

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has been hit with a Super Indictment over alleged federal drug trafficking crimes in Washington, New York and Florida. The U.S. government has also announced a $15 million reward for information that could lead to his arrest.

The New York Times further reports that charges against nearly a dozen other Venezuelan officials will also be announced in the near future, including Venezuelan government and intelligence members in addition to individuals from the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), Colombia’s biggest rebel group. The FARC is a communist group which has been fighting the central government in Colombia for decades while also fighting other Colombian anti-government, Right-Wing groups. The first Right-Wing paramilitary groups were organized by the Colombian military following recommendations made by U.S. military counterinsurgency advisers who were sent to Colombia during the Cold War to combat leftist political activists and armed guerrilla groups.

While not all details were made available, known charges include narco-terrorism conspiracy and conspiracy to import cocaine into the U.S.

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