Tyler ‘The Creator’: I Like Girls, I Just End Up F***ing Their Brother Every Time

In GQ’s most recent edition, the publication interviews Tyler, “The Creator” who says his ‘IGOR’ album is sung from the point of view of an alter ego which includes a blonde mushroom cut wig and a pantsuit. Tyler states how he wants to imagine himself as a “f*cking White lady in Denmark.

Tyler goes on to explain how he’s attracted to females but somehow ends up sleeping with their brothers, stating,

“I like girls. I just end up f*cking their brother every time.”

Tyler is unusually candid about his sexuality. In 2017 he rapped on the album ‘Flower Boy,’ “I Ain’t Got Time/ I been kissing White boys since 2004.” In ‘Garden Shed,’ he raps, “Truth is, since you kid, I thought it was a phase/Thought it would be like the Frank poof, gone/But, it’s still going on.

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