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Tory Lanez Responds To Rick Ross: ‘I live down the block from u’


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After Rozay started offering (trolling) Lanez the tiny car the Canadien-bred rapper responded by tweeting the following,


Ross then told Lanez that he should have responded to Megan Thee Stallion just as quickly as he did to him, adding that Lanez was a “little boy” who needed to “boss up.”

We reported yesterday (10/19) how Rick Ross was ready to gift Tory Lanez with a compact, smart car. Tory Lanez is now instructing Ross that he’s ready to receive the car at any moment, noting,

“Sounds like u buying time big fella . I live down the block from u . Just gimme da car already.  And please don’t get no lemon pepper on my seats brotherman ..

Revisit the video of Rozay showcasing Lanez’ new car up top.




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