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SpaceGhost Purp On A$AP ROCKY: Stopped Hangin Wit Him Becuase He Didnt Tell Me Dat he Was Homosecual on Da Low’

SpaceGhost Purp claims to be providing receipts as to why his relationship with one-time confidant A$AP Rocky has deteriorated.

In a barrage of tweets, the Miami-bred rapper/producer stated the following,

“This is the main real reason why ‘EVERYBODY HATES SPACEGHOSTPURRP’ FOR no reason and been bashing my name becuase I found out his biggest secret and he hot mad because I cut him off for lyin bout his sexuality”

“So all these rappers that took his side and went against are basically the ones that had to go against so I womt expose their secret , because I did literally. Nothing wrong to them at all”

“I’m tired of holding my tongue back in 2011 I was invited to dis party in new York by asap rocky I was pullin up wit my girl n shit and I was on da phone like yo bruh where u at I don’t see he was like “YO LOOK DOWN IM RIGHT HERE” Next thing u know he in da pool rubbin a mans ass”

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“SO IF U WANNA KNOW WHY “ASAP ROCKY AND ASAP and EVERY RAPPER” HATE ME so much it’s because I stopped hangin wit him becuase he didnt tell me dat he was homosecual on da low and I felt like he lied bout his life so n order for him 2 keep his secret ,he got me black listed in music”

“Ni**as f*cked up in da crib twistin dey pubes”

“Ni**as f*cked up in da crib arguin bout spaceghostpurrp”

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