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Serius Jones Calls Out VladTV And XXL From Prison Over “Click Bate”; Says “The Truth Will Be Told”

Serius Jones was recently locked up on pimping charges after accepting a plea deal before first being charged with the more serious offense of human trafficking, according to The Mercury News. The Battle Rapper is serving a 3-year prison sentence and is eligible to come home in 9 months.

Serius Jones has now taken to social media from inside prison to make several points. The Battle Rapper thanks his fans for their support while also specifically calling out, and tagging, media outlets VladTV and XXL accusing the outlets of  “not telling the truth about my story” for “click bates.” The post is captioned with,

“Sup my people I know the story’s you’ve been hearing sounds crazy but it’s not Ture . I’m still locked up I copped out two 3 years got 9 months to go . I’ll tell my people the whole story when this is over one wrong thing I say can change everything’ …. See ya in 9 months I’m doing well I’m n shape I’m writing everyday . I have two books ready & im coming back for my spot I’m still #THEBARLORD have fun cuz when I touch down ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️ it’s Barsup Miss you all thanks for the letters & pictures pls keep sending them Thank u for the prayers & all the Love I’ve been getting 9 months to go 🙏…. #seriousjones #lifeisserius#seriusjones #BARLORD…. @vladtv & @xxl are not telling the truth about my story . I’ll tell you the truth they lied on me for click bates don’t fall for there lies 9 months the truth will be Told ….. 🙏❤️”

Serius Jones also posted his address for fans interested in writing him while he’s locked up.

“Here’s the address send me some pics & letters wanna hear from my people !! who wanna battle lol I’ll still smoke you from here send in your battle I’ll cook yo ass from here 😂😂 lol it’s all in the name of Love I miss the Ring Bar for Bar I’ll be back 9 months better then ever SEND SOME PICS ❤️ #lifeisserius #freeseriusjonesSalute to @murdamookez I heard he caught another Win Congratulations 👍”

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