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Royce Da 5’9″ recently popped in to Real 92.3 LA for an interview with Bootleg Kev and DJ HED. During the interview Royce was asked about his opinion regarding non-Black people saying the N-word to which the veteran Detroit rapper states, “people not Black using it [the n-word] is completely unacceptable.” DJ HED probes further, “Period. Across the board?” To which Royce responds, “I’ve got more of a thing with White people using it….to me, the negative connotation attached to it, it always links back to slavery. That’s where it takes me. And there’s a thing with White people and Black people that get’s touchy. White people are hypersensitive to us loving each other sometimes. Not all White people but some White people are hypersensitive to us loving each other and also discussing some of these issues. I don’t necessarily see that with other cultures. They don’t get hypersensitive to that therefore it’s not the same if they use the N-word. But a White person using it it’s not necessarily racist just because they said the N-word but it’s socially irresponsible…” Royce goes on to suggest that White rappers with a platform must be socially responsible because of their influence and over their audience and how this influence can impact race relations in America.

In a previous part of the interview Royce discusses the importance of one knowing his/her worth (watch that here). In case you missed Royce’s new album you can find it here.

Catch the clip below.

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