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Rick Ross Literally Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ To 50 Cent: Read The Affidavit Here

Rapper Rick Ross (legal name: William Leonard Roberts II) is seeking to end his over decade-long beef with 50 Cent (legal name: Curtis Jackson). This wasn’t always the case. It was only this past November that Ross put out the following video via social media seemingly mocking 50.



MyReligionIsRap wrote back on 3/11,

“50 Cent (legal name: Curtis Jackson) is currently suing the law firm, Reed Smith LLP, which represented 50 in his case against Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston. Leviston sued 50 over a leaked sex tape and was awarded $7 million in damages. 50 Cent is accusing Reed Smith LLP of malpractice in the sex-tape lawsuit and as part of his malpractice case 50 is attempting to subpoena Rick Ross (legal name: William Leonard Roberts II) because 50 believes Ross can provide crucial information which would clear 50’s name and prove who actually leaked the sex-tape.

50 has accused Rick Ross of avoiding being subpoenaed but it appears now that the Miami-bred rapper has finally been reached which would essentially make Rick Ross legally bound to testify in a court of law. 50 Cent’s legal representative, Imran H. Ansari, has issued a statement on the most recent development in the case.”

50 Cent remained patient notwithstanding his claim that it was actually Ross who leaked the sex tape which 50 was forced to cough up $7 million for. Since his days in New York City’s notorious underground scene, 50 continues to play his cards in a shrewd and calculated manner. True to form, 50 eventually was able to subpoena Ross and AllHiHip obtained the affidavit where Ross expressed, in a legal capacity, that “enough is enough.” 50 was forced to go on a year-long hunt to track down Rick Ross to subpoena him, in an attempt to prove the Miami rapper was the one who leaked the original sex tape through the website DeeperthanRap.com.

Rick Ross expressed the following in the affidavit:

“For years, I have been engaged in what many people in our industry call a ”rap war” or ”beef”‘ with another Hip-Hop artist, Curtis Jackson, who is professionally known as “50 Cent…Although I have no ill will towards Curtis personally, I believe he truly dislikes me.”

This past week, 50’s lawyers finally had a chance to question Rick Ross, who denied posting the sex tape or leaking the raunchy video. Rick Ross wrote to the court,

“To be clear, I never did post the video (or any excerpts of it) on DeeperthanRap.com or on any other website. I never authorized anyone else to post the video or any excerpts of it on DeeperthanRap.com or on any other website on my behalf. In fact, I never even had possession of the video…”

Reed Smith filed a motion and asked to dismiss the malpractice claim and grant them a summary judgment against 50 Cent.

Rick Ross, on the other hand, seems as though he wants to be done with 50 Cent all together.

“It is obvious that Curtis and I have had our beef over the years, but enough is enough,” Rick Ross wrote.

Find the affidavit below.

We’ll have more on this matter when the details become available.

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