Rapper Tankhead666 Charged with 2nd Degree Murder Over Manager’s Death

The Miami Herald is releasing details regarding Tankhead666’s recent arrest, reporting that he was charged with both attempted murder and second-degree felony murder.

Police told The Miami Herald that Tankhead (legal name: Lynwood Walker III) and some associates, including his manager Jose Jose, went to a restaurant to look for a man that worked there. Upon reaching the establishment the restaurant employee made his way outside only to get beatdown by Tankhead and his entourage. During the altercation, the restaurant worker was able to grab a gun that fell out of Jose’s bag, killing Jose. Tankhead fled the scene, but police were able to identify him by his distinct facial tattoos seen on surveillance.

Although the restaurant worker is the person who shot and killed Jose, Tankhead is being charged with felony second-degree murder because the physical attack on the restaurant worker led to someone’s death. Tankhead666 is a Members Only music collective was was founded by the late XXXTentacion. Catch the news report below.

Catch the video below.

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