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Peter Rosenberg States Jay Electronica Barz are ‘Hurtful’; Again Calls For Debate



Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 continues to publicly state his point of view regarding Jay Electronica’s lyrics on the New Orleans-bred rapper’s debut album ‘A Written Testimony.’ Rosenberg is upset with Jay Elec’s lyrics referencing the biblical notion of “Satan of Synagogue.” The Hot 97 radio personality is now adding that the lyrics are “hurtful.”

While on-air today, Rosenberg elaborated further on the above-referenced lyrics and stated, the barz were “dangerous, especially in today’s climate.” By today’s climate, Rosenberg is presumably referring to heightened tensions caused by American racists towards American minorities.

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Rosenberg also addresses people trolling him online, stating “Please don’t tell me as a Jew whose mother was born in a displaced person’s camp after the holocaust, don’t tell me what I should be offended about. This isn’t about my place in Hip-Hop…If Jay wants to speak about it, he said you want to have a forum? We have a forum every day, my G. Anytime. I’m not saying I hate the guy and we can’t have a conversation, of course, we can. But I have the right to express that those words are hurtful.”

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In case you missed the initial back-and-forth between Jay Electronica and Peter Rosenberg you can find it here.

Based on Rosenberg’s statement it seems as though the radio personality is again offering Jay Electronica the opportunity for a public dialogue on Rosenberg’s platform. Catch the video clip above. They get straight to the conversation when the video begins.

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