Nipsey Hussle’s Family Granted Guardianship of His Daughter Emani

We reported yesterday how Lauren London was granted custodianship over the son she had with the late Nipsey Hussle (legal name: Ermias Asghedom), Kross. The Asghedom family had zero reservations about Lauren taking on complete custody over Kross. Oh the other hand, the Asghedoms fought with the mother of Nip’s other child, Emani, in order to obtain custody over her. The family argued that Emani’s mother, Ms. Tanisha Foster, was unfit.

Yesterday, in a break through for the Asghedom family, a judge just signed off on Nip’s immediate family members becoming legal guardians. This will help to bring closure for the family regarding one aspect of Nipsey Hussle’s tragic & sudden killing.

Eric Holder, Nip’s alleged killer, is seeking to have two charges in the case of attempted murder dismissed. That trial is expected to begin in the beginning of 2020. Read more about that here.

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