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Nick Cannon Suggests 6ix9ine Was A Federal Agent Before Being Arrested

Nick Cannon believes that 6ix9ine was possibly in snitch mode before being arrested for racketeering back in November 2018. Cannon states during a recent interview with VladTV,

“I do believe there’s being a message sent to America….First of all, when I joke and say ‘Donnie Brasco’ and Tekashi was probably the FBI the entire time, let’s just talk about the FBI for a second. The way this is all broken down, they needed to get an entire community. So the way to get that is through stunting. The music industry. Showing what they can do. And they will use this kid that has a lot of attention to take down that entire community.”

Catch the brief clip below. Also, recall Yukmouth publicly stated prior to 6ix9ine’s arrest that Tekashi was a federal agent. We’ve embedded that clip below also.

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