New York Now On 24-Hour Lockdown For Coronavirus

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a 24-hour lockdown for all non-essential workers, starting on Sunday. This follows California Governor Gavin Newsom issuing a similar decree yesterday (3/19) evening (see here).

In a separate statement, the New York state Governor also stated,

“[My orders] will cause businesses to close. They’ll cause employees to stay at home. I understand that. They will cause much unhappiness. I understand that also. I accept full responsibility. If someone is unhappy, if somebody wants to blame someone, or complain about someone, blame me. There is no one else who is responsible for this decision”

Governor Cuomo also noted that this is not just a “helpful hint.” Measures will be implemented to make sure that nobody leaves the house.

“These provisions will be enforced…These are not helpful hints. This is not if you really want to be a great citizen. These are legal provisions. They will be enforced. There will be a civil fine and mandatory closure for any business that is not in compliance. Again, your actions can affect my health. That’s where we are.”

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