NBPA Considering Kobe Bryant-inspired NBA Logo

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) is giving serious thought to making a change that would secure Kobe Bryant’s imprint on the NBA. Options being mulled over include changing the NBA logo from an outline of Hall of Famer Jerry West to a more updated silhouette of Bryant.

Needless to say, as Americans continue to mourn the tragic deaths of Kobe and the other eight passengers involved in their helicopter crash, the NBA family is also grieving. Bismack Biyombo, the vice president of the league’s Players Association, noted key people in the NBPA will partake in a conference call soon to explore options with the logo change (being considered one of those options). As we noted yesterday (1/28), a petition has been started on calling for the NBA to change the logo to reflect Kobe Bryant. As of the publishing of this article that petition has now garnered close to 2.8 million votes. Anyone interested in signing the petition can find it here.

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According to Roderick Boone of The Athletic, NBPA VP Biyombo stated,

“We are hoping, the NBA is going to do something. As a player, I think you want to see that. You just want to see that because of what the guy has meant to the game, to be honest. For me, I think as a player, I would really like to embrace that because you’ve seen the change, and you’ve seen it over the course of the years. Kobe, he wants to teach. As we see now, he opened the academy, and everybody was going to his academy, and the guy was present there early in the morning early to teach. There’s not many people who are doing that.

“(Making him the logo), it’s an appreciation of what the guy has done for the game of basketball, and that’s what I think we all should be thinking about.”

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Jerry West, who the current NBA logo is shaped after and is known for being very calculated and sharp in his thinking while reserving his emotions, has been anything but in interviews since Kobe’s passing. In a recent interview with CBS Los Angeles West described Bryant as a “son” while holding back tears (catch that interview here).


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