Michael Rapaport Continues To Attack LeBron James

Michael Rapaport continues his verbal assault on LeBron James. Rapaport even takes it a step further and calls the people around LeBron “yes men” & “flunkies” before calling LeBron “delusional.” Rapaport comes off as abnormally passionate while addressing the matter even to the extent where he implies LeBron is a hypocrite for not getting Carmelo Anthony signed to the Los Angeles Lakers. During the tirade where Rapaport is being interviewed by TMZ, the Higher Learning actor even goes so far as to mention Maverick Carter, the highly respected behind the scenes confidant & business partner of LeBron, by name.

Michael Rapaport previously mocked LeBron James by posting a picture of LeBron resembling the first Chinese leader of the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao.

Catch the TMZ interview below.

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