Mia X Becomes Professor X For University Students

There some veteran emcees teaching Hip-Hop, both as an art and as a culture, to the up & coming generations. KRS-ONE, for example, is the author of the The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument which is a must read for any Hip-Hop Head. Chuck D is always teaching people through his social media handles. A third example is the First Lady of No Limit Records, MIA X, or in this case Professor X.

Professor X explained to,

“Most of these children [students] were born between 1999 and 2002. I wasn’t even making records when they were born. I was finished making records…They did not come up in my era. They did not come up when my music was popular. These children — I call them children because I look at them like my babies — I told them I was their mama the first day I came into class. Even though they are young men, they are definitely babies in this hip-hop game. They are just getting their feet wet.”

Currently, all of Professor X’s students are males but she intends on changing that to include females too and her objective is to change the way audiences view rap as a genre and art form, and not just entertainment.

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