MAX B Does Phone Interview w/ Joe Budden

Max B, although still locked up, hopped on the phone for an interview with Joe Budden on The Joe Budden Podcast. We’ve embedded that footage below. However, also notice Max B’s recent post below highlighting his rap project, House Money, set to drop on 12/6.

“House Money 🎲 December 6th (pre-order link in bio” The bio link Max B is referring to can be found here.

Slide to the right one time and notice the New York-heavy features, something many people will be happy to see. Wiz Khalifa is also featured offering some Midwest vibe.

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Follow us on Instagram & Facebook & YouTube.

Catch the 11-minute dialogue between the veteran Harlem rapper and Joe Budden below. It begins at the 1:54:30 mark and ends shortly before the 2:06:00 point.

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