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Lord Jamar on Kevin Durant, Slim Thug, Idris Elba, Tom Hanks And Coronavirus: ‘None Of Them Are Sick, Sick; All Of Them Look Regular’



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Lord Jamar has no problem speaking his mind in a manner that might ruffle feathers. The veteran East Coast emcee appeared on VladTV and got straight to the point after being asked about his take on multiple celebrities admitting to having caught Coronavirus, stating, “This is what they not f*cking talking about. If there’s 170,000 cases worldwide? There’s a 100,000 recoveries. So what the f*ck are we talking about here?” Lord Jamar goes on to state, seemingly unconvinced by the hysteria related to the pandemic, “If you don’t get the f*ck out of my face with this bullsh*t!” DJ Vlad goes on to mention legendary local New Orleans bounce DJ Black N Mild who reportedly passed away from Coronavirus. Read Black N Mild’s last social media post here.

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