Lil Kim Supports Fur Protesters But Gives Them A Warning

Lil Kim wisely choose her words while responding to animal-rights activists who recently protested her while the femcee made her way to Verizon Media Studios in New York City this week on Tuesday (10/8) (see that video here).

Kim later explained to Extra that she supports the PETA activists, but conditionally, stating,

“I do not mind protesting. I think you should definitely stand up for your right,…I love, love animals… However, you do not take things into your own hands. You do not get aggressive. You do not jump into anyone’s space.”

“Peaceful protests mean more than anything… Go ahead, PETA, keep doing what you do. I am supporting you from a distance if you’re not in my upper space trying to violate. At the end of the day, I understand what you are fighting for.”

Catch the video below. Kim addresses the activists as soon as the footage starts.

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