KRS-ONE Releases New Documentary: Black Oustory: A Philosophical Look At ‘Black’ And ‘History’



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KRS-One, although an iconic emcee and graffiti artist who continues to polish his microphone skills to this very day, is also a scholar of the mind and Hip-Hop history. His book, The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument, is a must read for any true student of Hip-Hop. The Teacha is now back but this time is providing lessons from a documentary he’s released titled, Black Oustory: A Philosophical Look At “Black” And “History.” Find the trailer up top. It’s a known fact that a very practical way to raise your IQ is by learning the definitions of words. It’s important to give KRS the benefit of the doubt when watching the trailer.

“Watch The First 12 Minutes Of ‘Black Oustory” (DVD) Now On YouTube. Link In Bio. #blackoustory #krsone” Anyone interested in purchasing the entire Doc can do so straight from KRS’s website here.

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