Kodak Black Named Tops U.S. Customs’ List of Biggest Seizures in 2019 for Buffalo Field Office

The Buffalo Field Office of U.S. Customs and Border Protection has named currently imprisoned Florida rapper Kodak Black as their biggest bust of 2019. Items confiscated include drugs, jewelry, weapons, and furs. American border patrol encountered Kodak and his entourage in April 2019 upon their crossing from Canada back into the United States.

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WBFO News notes: “CBP Officers in Buffalo encountered Rapper Kodak Black and his entourage in two separate vehicles at the Lewiston Bridge border crossing. Search of the vehicles led to the discovery of four handguns, a loaded magazine cartridge and a personal use amount of marijuana. Kodak Black and his three co-travelers were all arrested for felony possession of a weapon under New York State Penal Law.”

The video below shows Kodak being escorted by his attorney upon being bailed out from jail for the above incident.

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