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KODAK BLACK CONTINUES TO PRESS NBA YOUNGBOY: Stop Playin Wit Me, Ni**az Be Knowing Who A Dog Forreal

As we reported yesterday (4/5) Iyanna Mayweather was arrested on attempted murder charges after allegedly storming into NBA YoungBoy’s Houston-area home and stabbing the rapper’s baby mother (see here). Afterwards, Kodak Black took issue with news reports of YoungBoy reportedly assisting police investigating the alleged stabbing. The alleged incident took place inside YoungBoy’s kitchen. Kodak took to ridiculing the Baton Rouge-bred rapper suggesting that YoungBoy seems like he’s the snitch type, stating, “This Sh*t Got It Lookin Like If It Was Some Otha Sh*t YOU’LL TELL SOMETHING…….Smh I See Ima Have To Write U A Letter And Tie Yo Shoes Fa U Lil Bra.” See Kodak’s full posts here.

YoungBoy was then furious and hopped on his Live feed and went directly at Kodak.

Kodak wasn’t done. The imprisoned rapper doing Fed time responded to YoungBoy by stating that he’s his “Son-Son” and further states that he’s YoungBoy’s “Daddy” and offers several pieces of “proof” as to why so.

“You My Youngest Boy, You Really Wanna Be Like Me Jit Da Proof Is In Da Pudding. I Love U Tho Son-Son I Think About U Everyday..I Like How Ya Manager Dem BackTrack To Fix Da Snitching Sh*t On The Blogs Doe Kuz Dat Cooperation Sh*t Make Da FAM Look Bad But It’s Ok Son-Son Daddy Ain’t Mad At U, It Ain’t Nothing.”

See the Kodak’s multiple pieces of “proof” here

Now, from behind prison walls, Kodak is again going at NBA YoungBoy. In his latest post, Kodak tags his rival South rapper and captions the post by stating,

“Man What U Was Tired Or Something Lil One? Where All Dat Booting Up At? U Gone Jump On Your Own Fans In The Crowd Tho Or Make A Movie Scene When It’s Security Around And Your Ppl Won’t Let Nothing Go Down. Lol U Kno How To Perform Real Good. Jit I Kno You, I Bet If This Was A B*tch U Woulda Knock Her Ass Out Already. Dat Same Hype Sh*t U Doing Over Da Phn Dis Ni**a On The Video All In Yo Sh*t Wit It And He By Hisself. Where All Dat Energy At. Lemme Find U Got A Off Switch @nba_youngboy Stop Playin Wit Me, Ni**az Be Knowing Who A Dog Forreal”

Find the below from Kodak’s most recent post showcasing YoungBoy having an altercation with an unnamed person. Hopefully YoungBoy and Kodak settle their differences and move past this issue.

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