Kim Kardashian Says She’s Ready To Be First Lady to a Potential President Kanye West

We reported earlier this month about Kanye West’s intentions to run for U.S. President in 2024. After being laughed at by the FAST COMPANY INNOVATION FESTIVAL’s 5th Annual gathering West doubled-down on his position by asserting his seriousness over the matter.

Now, Kim Kardashian West is letting the world know that if Kanye follows up on these intentions she’s ready to assume the responsibilities of First Lady. While speaking with American television channel Extra, Kim K. states, “I would be ready for anything. I always am,” on the prospect of being the First Lady of the United States.

Kim Kardashian goes on to state about Kanye’s spiritual journey,

“I think everyone has their own personal journey and growth and I’m really happy that he (has), you know, found his calling and what he really believes in. It’s funny, I’ll look back at interviews that he’s done maybe 10 years ago where he said, ‘I really want to start a church…’ …He really made all of his dreams come true. What he really wanted to do. And that just makes me happy.”

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Last month, Kanye offered more criticism for the Democratic Party. Presumably, many people within the Democratic Party will agree with these statements but the real question is: notwithstanding all the hard-working, productive American citizens of the Republican Party but will the racist elements of the Republican Party be wiling to accept (and support) a Kanye West candidacy in 2024? The burden is on the Republican (and Democrat) party to show their willingness to adopt.

Catch the short clip of Kim Kardashian addressing the matter below.

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