KID ROCK Goes On Drunk Rant: F*ck Oprah Winfrey…She Can Suck a D*** Sideways

Kid Rock clearly does not care too much for Oprah Winfrey. He also expressed a deep disdain for Joy Behar and Kathy Lee Gifford. The rapper turned country rock star’s beef with these women is not completely understood but he has disrespected them in the past also (last year calling Behar a b*tch on TV).

Kid Rock, who’s clearly drunk while going on his “F*ck Oprah” rant, has a reputation for being antagonistic with his audience. A few years back at the Gretna Fest in New Orleans the country rocker literally started beef with the crowd unprovoked.

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Catch Kid Rock’s “F*ck Oprah” rant below.

The footage below shows Rock calling Behar a “b*tch” live on TV forcing the Fox News host to publicly apologize instantly.

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