Kevin Garnett Says Minnesota Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor Is A “Snake Motherf****r’

Kevin Garnett was recently interviewed by Shams Charania for The Athletic where KG bluntly explains he wants nothing to do with Minnesota Timberwolves Governor (i.e., owner) Glen Taylor, which inclues the team’s retirement ceremony for his #21 jersey.

According to KG his issues with Taylor go back to his plans to join Flip Saunders in the Timberwolves organization. Garnett claims those plans fell apart after Saunders passed away, stating, “Glen knows where I’m at, I’m not entertaining it. First of all, it’s not genuine. Two, he’s getting pressure from a lot of fans and, I guess, the community there. Glen and I had an understanding before Flip died, and when Flip died, that understanding went with Flip. For that, I won’t forgive Glen. I won’t forgive him for that. I thought he was a straight up person, straight up business man, and when Flip died, everything went with him.”

KG continued, “There’s no reason to complain. Just continue to move on. My years in Minnesota and in that community, I cherish. At this point, I don’t want any dealings with Glen Taylor or Taylor Corp. or anything that has to do with him. I love my Timberwolves, I’ll always love my guys, I’ll always love the people who f*ck with me there. I’ll always have a special place for the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota in my heart. But I don’t do business with snakes. I don’t do business with snake mufu*kas. I try not to do business with openly snakes or people who are snake-like.”

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