Kanye West and Joel Osteen Continue To Level Up – Tour Coming To a Town Near You

Kanye West and Joel Osteen are now planning out a national tour of their Sunday Service/ Lakewood Church-fused services for the faithful. Some people might laugh off the idea but in reality nothing could be more genius (we’ll explain shortly).

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As we reported back on 12/5 the Gospel-centric personalities will be doing a show in New York Yankee Stadium. This follows the record-setting audience their joint event garnered for a Christian-based venture in recent memory.

Kanye will assume responsibilities for the music and Osteen will handle the preaching. Some people might laugh this off but in reality it’s genius. First off, there’s a major market need for such Christian-based services. Secondly, and very crucially, the Kanye/ Joel show will seemingly bypass Live Nation venues and perhaps Live Nation’s Ticketmaster. Ticket prices go up an additional 20% when Ticketmaster facilities the deal which is what helps make U.S concert/ event prices that much more expensive. But it’s gets better. Live Nation also controls the food & beverage sales at its venues. The Kanye/ Joel will be in a position to negotiate this assuming they bypass Live Nation venues for their tour.

Following Yankee Stadium the pair are expected to take their show to Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago in September 2020. According to TMZ, Miami, Detroit and Los Angeles are also being targeted.

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