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Jay-Z And Yo Gotti File Legal Paperwork Demanding Coronavirus Testing For Inmates At Mississippi Prison

Yo Gotti and Jay-Z are continuing their fight for Mississippi-based prison reforms.

Learn more about Mississippi prisons, including private prisons, and their unlivable conditions here.

Representatives of Roc Nation have been placing persistent pressure on Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and demanding the living conditions be brought to livable standards.

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Jay-Z and Yo Gotti are now requesting the Mississippi state officials to have all inmates at Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman inmates tested for Coronavirus.

Yo Gotti issued the following statement on the matter,

“These inmates have been subjected to inhumane health and safety risks, and now have to deal with the uncertainty and potential devastation of the coronavirus, too.

It is imperative that the Mississippi Department of Corrections implement a plan within Parchman to provide the medical resources necessary to protect inmates that might be exposed.”

Find the legal documents below. We’ve also included a video of Parchman prison inmates highlighting the living conditions inside the prison.

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Source: www.cbsnews.com

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