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Ice Cube Retweets Video Comparing Democrat Nominee Joe Biden to Hitler

Ice Cube took to Twitter recently and shared a video which addressed the Democratic Party which claims it has ignored the needs of Black-Americans and refers to Joe Biden in the process. The same video also compares Joe Biden to Nazi leader Adolp Hitler.  No where in the tweet does Ice Cube endorse President Trump in his reelection bid however it does seem as though Cube wants to keep pressure on Joe Biden who many have accused of being a notorious anti-Black racist in his political past, especially with his stance on what some people have termed the “’94 Crime Bill.”

The clip shows Watkins expressing agreement with things Ice Cube has allegedly expressed, with Watkins stating, “We both have the same concerns…The concern that many of us have is that Black people are not getting the attention that we deserve, that the Black community is being ignored, that the Democratic party has been pretty much engaged in what’s called ‘benign neglect.'”

Watkins also addressed Biden allegedly referring to Black people as “super predators,” which was later confirmed to not be true. However, the term was actually used by Hillary Clinton. Despite that, Watkins said “With Biden, it made me think about Hitler because the way the Germans did the Jews, they killed like thousands of them at once. And it was really terrible to see just all of those dead bodies piled on top of each other. Well, Biden kind of had the same idea. Biden’s whole process was ‘We need to exterminate a certain group of people. We need to make sure there’s 100,000 of these ‘superpredators.’ We need to eliminate them from society.” While Ice Cube did not point out Biden in his retweet, he simply said “Want to share this video from Boyce Watkins, too.”

Find the full video up top. Find Ice Cube’s tweet below.


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