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French Montana And Young Thug Have Heated Exchange

French Montana and Young Thug began to exchange words after French said he has more hits than Kendrick Lamar.

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Young Thug respond to French’s tweets by stating, “Stupid ass ni**a say he got more hits than Kendrick Lamar…Fool.”

Thugger followed up, “First of all, don’t get in your feelings, bro…I’m just speaking from the artist standpoint. You don’t got nowhere near more hits than no motherf*ckin’ Kendrick Lamar.”

Young Thug then went on to put out the following statements.

Thug then went on to state that he’s done more for “O.G. Max B” then French Montana has done for the imprisoned Harlem rapper. French Montana has a very close relationship with Max. Also, both French and Thugga have solid reputations for helping people within the Rap Game.

Montana then offered $1 million dollars in connection with the alleged video in Meek Mills (also alleged) possession. Montana has also threatened to “expose” Thugger, though he didn’t make clear what was meant by that.

French also posted 20 tracks he believes can rival anyone in hits. The Bronx-bred rapper captioned the post by writing,

“Since this is A Amnesia game lol HERES MY FIRST 20 JOINTS BEFORE I DIG THROUGH THE OTHER 21 mixtapes FOR 20 more French vs ……….. lol ? #thatsafact 🗽🌊💨 !”

French dropped the following photo also. Interpret it how you wish.

“This is not u neither? 😭 🤦‍♂️ THIS SH*T CRAY CRAY #moreinfluential #thatsafact

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