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Freddie Gibbs Wants To Referee Gucci Mane VZ Jeezy: “This Sh*t Finna Be Bigger Than The OJ Case”

We reported yesterday (11/14) how the Swizz Beatz & Timbaland setup their latest VERZUZ pitting Jeezy against Gucci Mane. Both the Snowman and Duwop have confirmed they’ll be participating in the event which has taken social media by storm.

Gucci reacted by calling Jeezy “Snowcone” and Jeezy instructed Gucci “DON’T SEND YA CLONE!”


Freddie Gibbs took to social media and stated, “This sh*t finna be bigger than the OJ Case 🔪 😂 #SoIcyBoys #RefereeRabbit 🐰 #verzuz”


The date of the event is set for this upcoming week on 11/19. We’re still trying to figure what song Jeezy would play in response to the Gucci track ‘Truth.’ Listen to some of the lyrics in the video below.



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