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Freddie Gibbs And Russ Exchange Words On Twitter

With everyone being (or supposed to be) quarantined, you’ll find all your favorite artists, politicians, athletes etc on social media just like the rest of us. As we embark upon week two of quarantining in the United Staes, Russ took to Twitter to express his desire to see more “soul samples” brought back into rap beats.

Freddie Gibbs, who arguably dropped the best album of 2019 in a joint project with acclaimed producer Madlib, bluntly, yet cordially, instructed Russ that “soul”-like samples are being cooked up again for rap tunes, “We already did that bro.”

To which Russ quickly responded, “My guy, it’s not that serious. Was advocating for a certain sound in hip hop to be brought back to the mainstream, and even at that I’m laughing while sayin sh*t lol the internet talkin unnecessary. You got my number”

Russ implied that trolls online were instigating the matter, “lol the internet talking unnecessary…”

Freddie Gibbs fans weren’t having it.

Russ began to troll back those people trolling him.

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Two things that are undeniable. Freddie Gibbs’ (and Madlib-produced) ‘Bandana’ album & Freddie Gibbs LA Leakers freestyle are arguably the best album & freestyle from 2019. Gangsta Gibbs assertion at the end of the freestyle where he states “best rapper alive” could very well be true. Also, a collab track between Gangsta Gibbs and Russ would be dope.

Find Gibb’s 2019 LA Leakers #Freestyle below.

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