Eminem Shares Letter on ‘Murder’; Tells ‘Victims of …Album’: May You Rest Peacefully

Eminem’s marketing team (read: Paul Rosenberg and anyone under his guidance) does a great job of not only coordinating dates for the release of Em’s albums but just as importantly are very detailed about follow-up communication with after the album has released. Now, the seasoned Detroit rapper has issued a statement via his social media accounts making a good point about the needless (and pathetic) killings taking place in America while also throwing another subliminal jab at (presumably) Lord Jamar & Nick Cannon.

Eminem captioned his post by writing,

“’Cause, see, they call me a menace and if the shoe fits, I’ll wear it. But if it don’t, then y’all will swallow the truth, grin and bear it’ #Renegade #MusicToBeMurderedBy”

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