E-40 And RICHIE RICH Release Video of FACE 2 FACE, MAN 2 MAN Meeting

This was a beef no man of principle was interested in seeing. However, the reality of the matter is that both E-40 and Richie Rich are bonafide in every aspect of their public life. And a Gangsta will be a G until he dies. This is just how the mentality and heart of any real Gangsta is cut so nobody should be surprised when gangstas bump heads. However, real gangstas have no problem taking responsibility for their actions. As such, the two Bay Area Legends turned a negative into a positive, and always, led by example in demonstrating how such situations should be handled.

In case you missed how this issue came about see this article here. After the two Bosses squashed their differences Big U, Shaq, Outkast’s Big Boi, Jim Jones many others reacted to the peace which you can find here.

Catch the video below.

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