Donovan Mitchell is 2nd Utah Jazz Player to Test Positive for Coronavirus

As Coronavirus continues to make the headlines, we’re now finding out that Donovan Mitchell is the second Utah Jazz player to test positive for Coronavirus. This follows news of Jazz center Rudy Gobert being the first NBA player to test positive for the virus. After Gobert’s confirmation of being hit with Coronavirus the NBA proceeded to suspend all games until further notice. Gobert’s diagnosis also led to players from opposing teams being tested as well as Gobert’s Jazz teammates and associated staff. Players from opposing teams over the past 10-days have been asked to self-quarantine.

The New York Post also reported that Mitchell’s father, Donovan Mitchell Sr., attended his son’s game against the Knicks at MSG on March 4. Mitchell Sr. is the Mets director of player relations and community engagement, and the team is preparing a statement to address how they will move forward.

During a recent press conference, Gobert sarcastically touched all of the microphones on-hand while mocking the suggestion that the press should stay clear of the players at least 6 feet. This has led to increased fears among members of the press who were present at the time of the press conference. Catch that video below.

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